Communication Bridge

Make your business more successful by utilizing professional Spanish Translation Services and Spanish Interpretation Services. What’s the difference between the two?

  • Translation is written, whereas interpretation is spoken.

For business owners:

  • Do you feel frustrated because you can’t communicate with your Spanish-speaking employees?
  • Are you concerned about being in compliance with labor and safety regulations regarding your Spanish-speaking employees?
  • Would you like to access the Hispanic market?

Menu of services:

Spanish Translation Services & Interpretation Services

For doctors, lawyers and other professionals working with Spanish-speaking clients or patients:

  • Are you getting your message across accurately, smoothly and efficiently?
  • Do you understand what the Spanish speaker is saying?
  • Do you know that untrained “bilinguals” are a major risk for interpretation errors, leading to communication errors that can have devastating consequences?
  • Are you worried about liability issues resulting from poor communication?

Menu of services:

Spanish Translation Services & Interpretation Services
Workshops For Health Care Facilities
Workshops for Healthcare Administrators/Providers

Where language differences are no longer a barrier, they’re a bridge.

Put the power of language to work for your success!

The Communication Bridge