About Julie Burns

My Background

Julie BurnsAs you roam around my galaxy, you will notice that I use bridges as the metaphor for what I bring to our community. Thanks to a south of the border upbringing, I have a bicultural and bilingual background. I was born in California and since age 3 raised and educated bilingually in Mexico, Colombia and Guatemala. Thus, I consider both English and Spanish as my native languages.

Bilingual and Bicultural Skills

An apprenticeship to a medical anthropologist/pediatrician in Guatemala sparked my lifelong interest in health education and the fascinating interconnection between language, culture, and health. Today, I provide Spanish Translation and Interpretation services and Medical Interpreter training through The Communication Bridge.

Solutions to Environmental Challenges

In 1975, a devastating earthquake struck Guatemala. As a volunteer providing emergency relief assistance, I was catapulted into a new role as a trainer of community health workers and traditional birth attendants. Witnessing the stark need for ongoing education to help address basic health issues inspired my desire to help others discover solutions to life’s environmental challenges. Back then, those challenges included poverty and lack of access to potable water and health care.

Today, our environmental challenges include the proliferation of wireless technology and the pervasive onslaught of toxins in our food, air and water. My own sensitivity to these toxins led me to research answers to support my wellbeing. I offer resources and wellness products to help protect us from the harmful effects of environmental pollution through Your Wellness Bridge.


My pursuit of spiritual understanding has led me to realize that gratitude is one of the most positive and powerful emotions we can express. Unfortunately, with so much going on in our daily lives it is easy to forget and overlook who and what we are truly grateful for, and even harder to find the time and means to express that gratitude.

I provide a simple, fun, and inexpensive way to activate the power of transformative gratitude by sending beautiful, personalized greeting cards to family, friends and customers through SendOutCards.

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